Which Would You Choose…..For Fall?

Autumn is making herself right at home…and it has been lovely!  The windows are open.  The air is so fresh.  And we made our first trip to the nursery yesterday.  It was delightful.  I have no green thumb, whatsoever, but I just feel like a real gardener when I wander about the garden center in the fall.  Not to mention, I want to buy all the things!  Just for fun…I thought I would do a little “This or That – The Fall Edition.”  I would love for you to join me.  Chime in and let me know in the comments where we agree…or disagree.  I will highlight my answers in orange:)  And try to keep my “commentary” to a minimum.  But, no guarantees.  Let’s get started……
Fall Movie or Football ….we just are not sports people…and those Hallmark fall movies are just hard to resist.  Think “Pumpkin Pie Wars”:)
Carve Pumpkin or Paint PumpkinI don’t think we have ever carved a pumpkin.  We know our strengths.  And our weaknesses.  For years, we have had neither – for obvious reasons; however, when the kids were little, we always had painted pumpkins.  And they were cute!
Cocoa or Cider…why is cider so incredibly sweet??  Granted, cocoa is typically very sweet as well but I think I have a better chance of finding a sugar-free cup of cocoa than cider.
Pumpkin Patch or Corn Maze…the corn maze craze started after my time but, quite honestly, I just don’t see the thrill.
Pumpkin Pie or Apple Pie…truthfully, I am not a pie person but pumpkin would edge apple, I do believe.
Pumpkin Spice or Salted Caramelare you surprised?  I am, myself, just a bit, so don’t hate.  But I have given pumpkin spice more than a few chances.  I am assuming, of course, that we are talking hot drinks.  Give me all the pumpkin spice sweet breads, pancakes and Cheerios!!
Candy Corn or Caramel AppleI could only manage that apple if it was sliced and in a cup – which they do at our local fairs, come to think of it.  With nuts.  And chocolate chips.  And whipped creme.  I had forgotten about that goodness!
Pumpkin Bread or Cinnamon Buns…see my disclaimer above:)
Horror Movie or Nope, Can’t Do Thoseabsolutely not.  And why??
Cozy Sweater or Warm Flannel…a warm flannel does sound cozy but I look ridiculous in flannel.  This is true.
Go on a Forest Walk or Read in Your Favorite Spot…I know many of my reading friends are going to disagree but that’s ok – we can still be friends!!:)
I hope you will share a few of your answers.  Tomorrow I am off to the pumpkin patch.  I hope to have the porch looking quite ready for fall by this weekend.  And I found a recipe for pumpkin scones – keto approved!!  The next few days look very promising:)

4 thoughts on “Which Would You Choose…..For Fall?

  1. I love fall and all things fall, so I loved your, This and That! Absolutely agree about a movie, I’m not a sports person, but my husband is…two tv’s are a must. I haven’t carved a pumpkins since my grands were small. It’s a draw on the apple cider or chocolate, I love them both. My granddaughter is going to have hot cider and cocoa at her wedding reception…with donuts, yum! Yes to the pumpkin patch. I love pie, no matter what kind ;0) The rest of the answers are exactly what I would choose…I love fall! Have a wonderful day. Jennifer!

  2. Fun post, Jennifer! We used to paint pumpkins with the kids, too, when they were younger. I have never purchased cider before and one of the kids remarked the other day that she had never had tasted cider. I said I felt bad about that- like cider is just something you should know what it tastes like? But my daughter said it was fine. She had no desire to try it so I guess I feel ok now? As much as I love to read, I would chose a walk in the forest in the fall. I could (and would) read plenty in the other three seasons. There is just one season for a walk in the fall. Completely agree about the corn maze craze. Just why? Team pumpkin patch all the way. I can’t believe that you look ridiculous in flannel!! Have a great rest of the day, friend!

  3. We have so many of the same choices! We don’t watch sports either so it’s movies all the way for me but not scary or gory or bloody ones… I much prefer rom coms that take place in fall. While we have carved pumpkins in the past I really do not enjoy that activity at all. It’s messy and smelly and never turns out quite the way we planned.

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