Thankful Thursday….and so much to be thankful for this week. Just to get me started – I received a letter from Jordan!! (I might have already mentioned that on Tuesday!) It has been one of those week where God’s “working all things for my good” has been so evident – and I am feeling so encouraged. There are several things I could talk about today for Thankful Thursday but I’ll mention one in particular…..God has given me a new ministry opportunity with a group of ladies at church that we fondly call “Women with Compassion”. We have several of these groups at church – smaller groups of ladies designed for fellowship and to meet needs/be a blessing among the church family – and I was recently asked to take leadership of one of these groups.

This is very exciting for me – and a direct answer to prayer. I look forward to working with these ladies and seeing what God can accomplish through us. I wasn’t really anticipating one blessing….and that was the joy I had in opening my home and having all the ladies to my house for our meeting this week. While I don’t exactly have the gift of hospitality, I do enjoy planning and preparing to have folks over and opening my home to them.

My hubbie and I used to this quite often; however, since Tyler died (or it seems since then), Hubbie does not really enjoy this as much. He loves getting together with our friends but just not at home so much. Apparently, I’ve missed it more than I even realized. I had such a good time this past Monday.

We had a “Chit Chat Chocolate” evening…..loosely interpreted is “talking and eating all things chocolate”!! Ladies brought things to share (yummy recipe coming tomorrow) and I made some wonderful candies – check out this recipe and this one, too….and even one for brownies! My point, here, is not so much the evening I had but how God knew my heart…knew my need…even more than I did – and He is always working for my good to meet those needs.

This Thankful Thursday…I’m praising Him for answered prayer, grateful for this new ministry, happy to find new (chocolate) recipes…oh, and did I mention that I got a letter from Jordan?!?!?!

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  1. Sounds like things are going so well for you, Jennifer! I’m so happy! You’re going to do so awesome with your ministry…no doubt in my mind! I will check out those choco recipes…you’re talking my kind of language! I bet it was wonderful to get a letter from Jordan! Don’t little things like that just make your day?

  2. Happy Thursday!
    What an inspiring post! I am so glad that God has opened up this door of opportunity for you to be involved in this ministry. Sounds like it will be a huge blessing to many women. I look forward to reading more posts about this in the future.

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