A Little Pet Peeve

Welcome to another beautiful Monday.  I hope your day is already off to a great start!  I’m off early this morning…headed to church for some scripture assembly.  The weekend was full of rain but I think (or should I say, I hope) the clouds seem to have moved on.  The rain brought jacket weather again over the weekend but the forecast is for the return of spring temperatures.  Again, here’s hoping.  Weather thoughts aside, I thought a quick look at the weekend would be a good idea.  I’ll start with three things I enjoyed and one thing I might change about this past weekend.  I would not change:

Rainy day reading.  Yes, you read that right.  Me – reading.  And not just before bedtime.  I often find it hard to “just sit and read.”  I am either constantly think of things I need to be doing and/or feeling guilty for not doing the things I keep remembering!  Ugh.  But, Saturday was a drenched day.  Gray and chilly.  Ssitting on the couch with a light throw and a book just seemed like a great idea.  So glad I went with such a good idea.  It was a lovely, lazy Saturday afternoon.  Mind you, I would not want to do that every Saturday afternoon but it was very enjoyable the other day!!

More birthday celebration.  Yes, it has been over a week since my birthday but the celebration seems to continue…as in, the dinner invitations continue.  My brother took me out to dinner on Saturday.  We went to one of our favorite restaurants but one we have not been to in awhile.  Well, I will clarify.  This restaurant has mulitple locations.  At Christmas, we tried the one downtown and it was not good.  At all.  We sort of mentally crossed it off our list; however, on Saturday, we went back to our “usual” location and crossed our fingers for a better experience.  We were not disappointed.  Isn’t it funny how the same restaurant can differ so much from location to location?  I had a delicious veggie loaf with mashed potatoes and a golden beet salad side dish.  It was yum!!

Attending the informational meeting.  An information meeting for a missions trip later this year with a group from church.  This was the second such meeting for the trip and, after the first trip, I had (for a variety of reasons) pretty much decided against it.  But something kept tingling my interest and we (my husband and I) went last night.  I’m glad I did.  I am not only super interested but also excited and think I’m “this close” to committing:)  I’m sure more details will follow here on the blog.  Lesson learned:  keep your options open until you are completely sure.

Now, about that one thing I would change:

Toll roads.  Not that there is any way I would ever be able to change toll roads.  But the whole concept of having to pay to use roads – roads that my taxes generously helped fund – is so aggravating.  I honestly am willing to go out of my way and take the road less traveled (or the road not taxed as there are not untraveled or even less traveled roads in my aread!).  Saturday night, there was no such option.  The only way to the restaurant was using a toll road.  Grrr.  And they have removed all the humans working at the toll booths for said aggravating roads.  You do not even have the option of paying with real money.  Oh, please – why did I even get started??  If you live in an area without fees to use the road, be thankful.  If you live in a one stoplight town – be even more thankful.  Just my opinion:)

Well, not to end on a negative note….but, how was your weekend?  What is one thing you enjoyed  the most?  And would you change anything?  Here’s to a beautiful week ahead.  As always, thanks for stopping by friends!

14 thoughts on “A Little Pet Peeve

  1. Well, other than the tolls, it sounds like you had a lovely weekend. I guess my favorite part of the weekend was going to lunch with hubby, my sister and her husband and my mother-in-law. Good food, but much better company!

  2. We also had a mostly rainy weekend here in NC. I’m just a state below you so I imagine our weather is very similar. We celebrated my birthday on Friday in Blowing Rock and it was cool and overcast with spotty rain showers, but we still managed to have a nice day and enjoy ourselves. I’m glad to hear you are still celebrating your birthday. It sounds like you had a nice dinner out with your brother on Saturday. And as far as toll roads go, I’m not a fan either. I hope you are having a great day!

    1. My husband and I were just talking about Blowing Rock – and how much we would like to visit there again. Maybe this summer:) Happy belated birthday wishes to you, Julia!!

  3. “Keep your options open…” You offer such wise words for me, Jennifer! I don’t have any certain choices to contemplate right now, but I sense this new yearning and maybe new enthusiasm and energy to do something more. We will see (and pray)! Thank you always for writing–I love reading your thoughts on these everyday moments.

    1. Thank you, Karen. And always glad when you stop by. It does surprise me, a bit, that folks enjoy reading about my very ordinary, if not a bit mundane, days and life. Glad that you do!:)

  4. It amazes me that you are already taxed with the fuel…then you have to pay again with a toll?!!! Not happy about that, either.
    I haven’t sat down to read in ages! And I loved to read…
    Happy week!

    1. Glad you stopped by, Donna! Hope you are having a good week already….here’s to a good Tuesday:)

  5. We don’t have many toll roads here but there is one that we will have to use when we go away next weekend, there’s no avoiding it as it’s a river crossing and there’s no other way across. Wish us good luck! I have a feeling we may be able to pay online in advance but need to look into that.
    I’m intrigued about the trip that you are almost thinking about joining!

  6. Hello Jennifer,

    I’m so glad that you enjoyed a Saturday afternoon curled up with a light throw and a good book! I love days like that!

    And I am right there with you when it comes to toll roads. It’s crazy…and even more so once they did away with having actual people running the toll booths.

    I hope that you are having an amazing week! I was away from blogging for a few weeks, but have returned with a MWF schedule for now.


  7. Ugh to toll roads. Thankfully, there are none really near me. I do have to take a toll road on the way to my sister´s house but I only go out to see her once or twice a year so it´s not too bad. One toll bridge that I know of (probably all of them) that connects NJ to NYC costs $40 per car to cross! And this is one of, if not the, busiest bridges in the country. It has at least four lanes and traffic is often backed up- that´s how busy it is. Nutty. Anyway, I hope your scripture assembly went well! And that you are having a good day :).

  8. Excited to hear more about the mission trip. Wonderful that all of a sudden you have become more interested in going. Hope it will be a blessing to you.
    We don’t have toll roads here but my sister who until recently lived in Houston and my daughter in Ft. Worth both learned to navigate their cities thanks to toll roads. The idea of paying for roads we paid for is irritating.

    1. Ugh – yes, paying for roads our taxes built is beyond irritating. Be oh so grateful that you do not have them in your area!!

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