A Valentine Tag Revisited

Welcome to the week of chocolate, hearts, flowers, chocolate and..well, more chocolate!  It seems like Valentine’s Day creates strong opinions….either you really enjoy it and embrace all the fun.  Or you totally don’t.  I have so many fun memories of celebrating Valentine’s Day with my kiddos when they were little.  We started the day with pink milk and something sweet for breakfast, always had huge fun with parties at school, and would end the day with a special meal that often included fondue (our Valentine treat!)  Even with the kids now grown, I still enjoy this day just to have some fun.  For a good excuse to gift a friend with something sweet.  To add some fun to an otherwise long and cold February.  And, of course, another fun way to show some love to my valentine!! This is last year’s post about him:)

This year, we are hoping to go for dinner with a few other couples.  Our weather has been, well, wintry and unpredictable but hopefully all roads will be clear later this week.  I have also not been feeling well but really hoping to be good to go by the week’s end.  I am also teaching little ones during Junior Church…so another chance to have some Valentine’s fun.  They will be singing during the morning (I Love You, Lord) and we will have some heart-themed fun afterward!

Just for fun…I thought I would “dig up” a post from about a decade ago.  See if anything has changed or not:)  Feel free to join in.  Answer one or two in the comments.  And have a “sweet” week!!

1. Describe your valentine?  dependable, faithful, steadfast, handsome and “old-school”:)  totally true to this day

2. Best Valentine’s present you ever received? I really have got nothin’ here (we don’t usually give gifts) but I’m going with the stuffed bumble bee?!??!  I have no idea what stuffed bumble bee I was referring to there!  None.  I also have no idea what a best gift (for Valentine’s Day) would be??

3. Worst Valentine’s present you ever received? a card  I guess so.  A card would be better than nothing, I suppose.

4. Your favorite Valentine candy? dark chocolate – hands down!!  Absolutely. For sure.  Still, the same!

5. Would you rather receive chocolate or flowers? Flowers  Funny, this answer has definitely changed.  I will certainly take dark chocolate over flowers. Hmmm.

6. A dress-up candlelight dinner out or a movie snuggling at home? Dinner out – especially the dress-up and candlelight kind!  Same again…although we don’t do many candlelight restaurants.  We can’t read the menus…lol!

7. Your favorite romantic movie? Shall We Dance (I think, maybe, in another life I was a ballroom dancer:) What in the world.  Definitely not a ballroom dancer – in this life or another one! 

8. Your favorite romantic song? I have no idea. Pathetic, I know. But my valentine, honestly, is not a music appreciator and romantic songs??? I don’t know.  Pretty much spot on how I would answer that question today!

Really, not much has changed.  Interesting.  But, still fun.  Whether you are a fan or not, hope your week includes a little chocolate (preferably dark) – just because.

4 thoughts on “A Valentine Tag Revisited

  1. Happy Valentine’s Week to you, Jennifer!

    I’ll take some really good milk chocolate candy … and a batch of casually arranged flowers. Some hugs and kind words. Cards, yes, absolutely! And a really good movie since it looks like our theaters might not open for a long time!

    Sounds kind of greedy … but that’s where today finds me!


  2. 1. Describe your valentine? Good man, good heart, responsible, handsome, funny, very intelligent.
    2. Best Valentine’s present you ever received? We don’t really ‘do’ this holiday other than having a date night. And those are always good.
    3. Worst Valentine’s present you ever received? n/a
    4. Your favorite Valentine candy? any and all
    5. Would you rather receive chocolate or flowers? Flowers but would rather have them ‘just because’.
    6. A dress-up candlelight dinner out or a movie snuggling at home? Dress-up dinner out would be a great treat this year but we will probably be snuggling at home.
    7. Your favorite romantic movie? When Harry Met Sally, Shakespeare in Love
    8. Your favorite romantic song? I never really determined ‘our song’ but I really like “Saints and Angels” by Sara Evans for us.

    Fun post!! Glad to see you again. How is life???

  3. Thanks for leading me back through some memories of my own. Your answer review is so entertaining. Proves how we change over the years and how we don’t. Ha! Hope you had a very happy day and weekend with your Valentine. 🙂

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