Every day, the trees are slightly more painted in their fall colors.  The mornings have been brisk and we were even able to use the fireplace over the weekend.  Just to knock off the chill.  And to feel our spirits say “ahhh!”  First morning coffee in front of the fire is simply wonderful, in my opinion.

I’m continuing my thoughts from Friday’s post.  Embracing the beauty of fall…even in this fall season of my life.  Not only is this a season to praise Him and to be grateful but fall is a season of preparation.

“Go to the ant….consider her ways, and be wise:  Which having no guide, overseer, or ruler, Provideth her meat in the summer, and gathereth her food in the harvest.”  Proverbs 6:6-8

We know the squirrels, the birds, and the chipmunks are preparing for the winter ahead.  Food to be buried and stored away.  Geese flying to warm climates.  Even the bears prepare for hibernation.  (Of course, they do so by packing on pounds to sustain them but I will not draw conclusions there!)  The Bible says nature is wise in working while there is still time and preparing for the season when the harvest is past.  And that we would be wise to learn from their example.

It is easy to convince myself that this empty-nest season – with its extra aches and groans…and much less energy than in seasons past – is the time to quit.  And, if not quit completely, certainly a time to step aside.  Yes, I might not be able to do all that I once could, or with the same stamina, but there is much – much! – that I can still do.  And that I need to do.  I think this is true for all of us in the “fall” of our lives.

Investing our time, our talent and even our treasure today is wise.  Creating reserves that will supply us – and meet our needs – in the future.  When we get to those winter months of life.  Since we never know exactly when the winter will set in, now is the time to prepare.  Keep serving.  Stay surrendered and available.  Don’t compare your preparation with anyone else.  (Just as the bird is not concerned with burying acorns.)  Don’t even compare your work now with what you were able to do in years past.  Simply embrace this season for all the beauty it contains – all the extras “ahhhs” to enjoy! – and keep preparing for whatever lies ahead.

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  1. I love this season of life and consider it the best one yet. Your comparison to fall and winter is one that I can relate to. But in the same breath I feel I still have a lot of summer living to complete. Blessings!

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