Remember. Be Grateful. 2017 Anniversary

Since I returned to blogging, I have tried to post regularly – for me and for now, that is every Tuesday and Friday.  Yesterday, I missed my post which was totally not my plan.  I knew I would be out of town but thought I would get the post up regardless.  Didn’t happen.  But I want to get these photos posted today because I want to intentionally not only remember the nice time that we had celebrating our anniversary but also just to be grateful for: my faithful husband, the life that God has given us, a time to get away just to sweethearts again…and to remember how very blessed we are!

We went to Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  It’s not too far from where we live – but it feels like a world away!  Something about the whole area just makes my soul smile and my spirit soar!

Acres of dark green farmland as far as the eye can see…

Rows and rows of cornfields gleaning in the sunlight….

True farm to table meals and homemade pastries – that seem to be everywhere….

Small stands of pumpkins for sale at the end of driveways….and

Life moving at just a pace that seems more natural for a body. I love this part of our country.  And I think the horse hoofs against the pavement even before the sun is completely in the sky is probably my absolute favorite!

We stayed in a room just above this quilt shop!



I love everything about this picture.  Everything fall!  The piano on the porch where anyone is welcome to play for awhile.  All the treasures that were inside.  And the rockers outside to rest when you’re done shopping.


I’ve heard that the soil in Lancaster County is the optimum, perfect soil for growing.  I don’t know if that is true or not but I do know that beautiful, huge, colorful flowers are literally everywhere!  I think I could even create a flowerbed (my dad would be proud of) if I lived here!




Just so pretty!!

Those two chairs, parked at the edge of the cornfield, looking out over the view (above) – that is a perfect day away for the two of us!  Thanking the Lord for all His goodness!!

2 thoughts on “Remember. Be Grateful. 2017 Anniversary

  1. Hi Jennifer! Just dropping by. I absolutely love your photos. They are beautiful. My husband is originally from Wellsboro, PA and I have no idea how far that is from Lancaster, but now that we live in Michigan, I keep telling him how very much I want to go and visit (plus I have read about two dozen Amish fiction books placed there). It sure looks lovely. Thanks for sharing the visit!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Kelly! Once you get to visit, you will love it and will be hooked:) Glad you enjoyed the pictures (photos are definitely the biggest challenge to blogging for me!!)

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