Thankful Thursday…..and I am thankful today for snowmen! Yes, I am trying to have a better attitude about all this snowy weather (you know, MORE is on the way?!?!) but it is a little more than that. I had such a good time with my little preschoolers class at church last night! And we talked about snowmen….and, boy, were they excited! It was alot of fun.

Have you noticed no two snowmen are alike…each as individual as the one who made it? We had fun talking about how God made each one of us unique and special….and that we are “wonderfully” made – they had fun with that, too!!
Just being honest here, but I struggle quite a bit with self-image – I think many women do. It is so easy to teach these little ones how special they are and exactly as God created them….and yet so difficult for me to grasp that truth for myself.
I told Hubbie that IF the big snows come this weekend, we are going out to make ourselves a snowman! Not only did he like it…he said we are going to the mall tonight because he needs boots – who would have guessed it??! I hope each snowman I see will be a gentle reminder that God loves me….just the way He created me.

8 thoughts on “Snowmen!

  1. Make sure you get a picture or two of that cute snowman. The most recent forecast that I heard was up to 24 inches!
    How was the pottery painting today?

  2. Morning Jenn,
    Cute snowmen. What a great post, I think all of us struggle at times with our self image. I guess the more and more we grow to know our Lord the less and less it will be hopefully! I know I am not as bad about it as I used to be
    but I still have my days.
    Have a great time building that snowman with hubby, and be sure to takes pictures of them so we can
    enjoy your snowy weather down here in Florida. lol
    Have a fun day,
    Blessings, Nellie

  3. This was such a good post. How I would love (I think, haha) the option of making a snowman. We are to have two days of rain, but nothing major. As far as the self image thing goes, a life long struggle for me too. I think most women I know occasionally suffer in one area or another. My daughter is (in my humble opinon of course) an extraordinarly beautiful girl, and yet she suffers with self image issues in other ways. She is always feeling judged and coming up short as sometimes there is such a spot light on beautiful girls. She is critized, scruntinized, and made to feel there is nothing more to her than looks. Soo untrue of course. You'd be truly horrified to hear how many vengeful, hateful and downright mean girls there have been over the years who don't even know her but have judged her based on her looks. Sad really. It has taught me that ALL women judge themselves and measure their worth etc., rather they are attractive or not. If only we all could always just keep our eyes on Him and worry only about how we "appear" to Him. Looking forward to your snowman pics. Have a great day. Hugs, Debbie

  4. What a great post! And thanks for the reminder of how special God thinks we are!

    Have fun with your snowmen! Up north here, we just got a 2-3 inch snow that cleaned up the old dirty snow…we like to keep our snow neat and clean:)- since it's here for so many months.

    Have a great rest of the week!

    Linda C

  5. SNOW! Wow Jen! I seriously can't picture snow in the forecast at all. Today it is 73 degrees here and it feels warm to me. It was a bit cooler these last few days with the rain and then today has been really sunny but the 70's for some reason have made it feel warmer. I put a long-sleeved shirt on Riley and she looked flushed running around on the back porch so I changed her to short-sleeved.

    Hope you and dad have a fun time looking for boots and even more fun making a snowman! I don't think I've ever made one before! Give the doggies a kiss for me! I miss them!


  6. Hey Jen,

    Here is a something you can add to brighten up the snow people, the next time (this week-end) you make them. Add some food coloring to water and put it a spray bottle. Then you can spry away and your snow people will come to life in a beautiful rainbow.

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