Some Favorites Heading Towards Thanksgiving

Happy Monday….and Happy Thanksgiving week here in the States!  I have enjoyed considering and posting about some of my (perhaps otherwise overlooked) many blessings this month.  The idea came from a list of gratitude prompts I saw somewhere online.  I handpicked a few but, honestly, the list was quite a bit longer.  I thought I would wrap up these Thanksgiving posts with a quick look at “a few of my favorites” inspired by the some of the remaining, and totally random, prompts on the list.  And then I am off to pack a few things and get ready to head out for a couple days away to enjoy the holiday.  Here’s to smooth moving traffic and no unforeseen snow squalls (remembering the last time we headed over the mountain)!  But, first, a bit more gratitude thoughts….

a favorite area in my home – would be my office, as I refer to it.  It is the room with my desk and my computer.  I suppose that makes it an office:)  No one else uses the room and it is a bit eclectic looking but I’m totally okay with that.  Many of my favorite things are in here.  The desk is a bit wobbly and in a style that is not quite mine but it was my dad’s desk and I love having it.  Curvy, wobbly legs and all.  The walls hold framed photos and souvenirs from mission trips I have taken.  Samoan fans.  Thai baskets.  And the faces of some of the sweetest Nicaraguan children.  Of course, there are favorite family photos as well and a few other things that just make me smile.  It is my happy place.

my favorite part of the evening – takes place around dusk, or “the transition between day and night” as my online dictionary says.  Just after the sun begins to set, my husband and I walk through the house and shut all the blinds.  We are blinds wide open people during the day and start our morning opening the blinds and letting the sun in!  But once that sun sinks, closing the blinds helps our home feel snug.  And cozy.  We also turn on our nightlights and our twinkle lights.  We have several throughout the house and they come on every evening.  I recently added some (very) little acorn lights to our mantle.  They were a bit smaller than I thought they would be but still look warm and lovely among our pilgrims:)

my favorite song – might surprise you.  I suppose this is where I am to list a hymn of the faith (and I do enjoy hymns) or one of the many southern gospel songs I love (and there are many), but I am not.  I actually have two favorites.  The first is “Hallelujah I Love Her So” by Ray Charles.  This song never fails to make my heart happy.  My dad loved music.  He really enjoyed jazz and Ray Charles was a favorite.  I can see his pile of LPs and hear him singing/enjoying the music.  He and I both more “enjoy the music” than actually sing on key:)  A close second to Ray Charles would be (wait for it….) “Brand New Girlfriend” by Steve Holy.  If you have no idea….this is a country music song that came out in 2006.   I have not listened to this song in years.  I have not listened to country music in years; however, in 2006, my sweet Tyler and I loved us some silly country music.  We spent that year making regular trips to Children’s Hospital and other appointments.  Singing at the top of our lungs was great therapy and stress relief but we actually just thought it was fun!  Best memories ever!!

a few extra favorites….just because

*favorite book of the Bible – Ephesians

*favorite meal of the day – breakfast

*favorite breakfast food – grits with oatmeal as a very close second

*favorite cookie – (impossible to pick one) Oreo or snickerdoodle

*favorite kind of restaurant – probably Thai.  Or maybe Italian:)

*favorite tv show – Escape to the Country

Well, this could go on forever.  Let’s call it a wrap.   I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving now.  There may or may not be a post on Thursday:)  But I hope your week is blessed and filled with all your favorite side dishes!!  Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

6 thoughts on “Some Favorites Heading Towards Thanksgiving

  1. Hi Jennifer~ I love all of your favorites! They made me feel warm and cozy, especially your favorite memories with the music. Have a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving! Hugs, Barb

  2. Hello! It’s such a perfect post for this Thanksgiving week. We are very similar! I, too, love that same time of day for the very same reason. Have a cozy evening with your hubby and the twinkling lights.

  3. This was fun to read! I love that you have those memories with your sweet Tyler. I get why it’s still a favorite song for you! I love those acorn lights on your mantel, and seeing glimpses of your home. It’s so lovely and charming! Your office sounds like the perfect space for you, and I would feel the same way about it, if I had a room with things that made me smile. Have a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving! I hope your travels are safe, and loaded with memories.

  4. Enjoy your Thanksgiving away, Jennifer. I’m sure it will be lovely. I love rituals…and I do the same with the blinds, both morning and night. I love the coziness of closing them especially this time of year.

    I love Escape to the Country. Jules Hudson is my favorite presentor and Nikki Chapman is a close second. I actually have two of the books that Jules has published.

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