Striving for No Regrets

No reserves.  No retreats.  No regrets.

I referenced this quote, from William Borden, several years ago in this post.  It is one of my favorite quotes (and one I can actually remember – which is saying something!)  On Tuesday, I posted a bit more about regrets and my desire to learn from..and the move past…my regrets.  As well, I recently came across some sermon notes from a message I heard back in 2017.  The sermon included several ideas/ thoughts for living life without regrets.  I found them challenging and helpful.  I wanted to simply list them here…as a bit of a follow-up to Tuesday’s post and hope they will help you as well.  As I said, these are not original to me – but sermon notes – therefore, I will not elaborate but simply share them as I jotted them.  Food for thought.

To live without regrets:

  • hold forth the word of life – be a shining light and a testimony
  • refuse to run after, or for, vain things
  • labor for fruit that remains – evaluate where you put your energy?
  • exhaust yourself for the sake of others
  • remember to keep an eternal perspective knowing our reward will be in Heaven one day
  • have an attitude of praise

Have a wonderful Thursday!  Thanks for reading…I pray these thoughts might encourage you today.

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