The Thankful Season

When I flip the calendar to November (or should I say IF I had a calendar not in storage to flip), I think of two things:

1 – It is no longer that the holiday season “is just around the corner” but, in reality, the holiday season is here! How can that be?? I’m not sure if I missed its approach because I couldn’t set out any of my decorations..and help set the mood – or if my mind is totally over packed and the fact of the holidays was pushed too far back in some corner of my brain. But, nevertheless, I am completely unprepared!! and,

2 – This is the thankful season. I know that every season (of the year, of life….) can be and should be one to be thankful – but I’m glad we have a time to purposefully reflect and be grateful. With all that has been happening in my and Hubbie’s life (and family), we have seen God working, providing, leading/directing and blessing – and I want to be careful to be thankful.

I came across the quote from Dr. Stanley that I shared yesterday and thought it was the perfect place to start. No matter what else I may give thanks for….all is nothing without God’s gift of salvation that “absolutely transformed my life.” As a christian, there are still stressful days – some very stressful days – there are still hurts, sorrows, worries and challenges. The difference is a Heavenly Father that goes with me through each day, whether sunshine or stormy……giving guidance, encouragement, hope, peace and confidence. I thank Him for loving me, dying in my place and for walking with me each step of this way.

3 thoughts on “The Thankful Season

  1. Thanks for stopping by today. I like your new background!

    I always enjoy reading what others are thankful for…and salvation is at the top of my list, too!

    Hope Rascal is feeling better. 🙂

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