Welcome November – the season to be thankful

Phase one of the move is done! The boxes are out of sight…if just for a few weeks! We had a busy, yet productive, weekend and are already enjoying our homey (temporary) condo. There were a few questions about our move which I want to answer and share with everyone this week. We just got our internet up and running – so, not much for today…although I have much on my mind and heart. God has been so good!

Just a thought to reflect on today….and more about His goodness and my gratefulness tomorrow!

A person with a thankful heart
is one who’s had an experience with the Lord Jesus Christ
that has absolutely transformed their life.
– Charles Stanley

2 thoughts on “Welcome November – the season to be thankful

  1. Hi Jenn,
    So glad your move went well, and you are sort of getting settled in.
    I love that definition by charles Stanley, how true! Love Charles
    Stanley too, in fact, I just had
    a call from him yesterday. I am part of the impact prayer team and he called just to pray for us. How neat is that. Course, it is a recorded message, but I still think it is way cool!!
    Have a good and thankful day sweetie,
    Blessings, Nellie

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