Thankful Today….

Please don’t forget about tomorrow’s Friday with Friends….are you a “beach person” or a “mountain person” – why? what do you love? I know it is hard to pick one over the other (or for some of us, it is) but generally one really speaks to our soul more than the other. Not to mention, its just a blog post for fun….no grading or criticiqing – just sharing with friends!:) I hope you will join in tomorrow. Be sure to let me know if you do.

Thankful Thursday –
*the new shelves in the basement to help corral and organize “our stuff” will be totally complete tonight. We ran into a couple handsaw issues earlier this week and then church last night, so it will be done this evening. Nothing like a finished project – ok, REALLY nothing better than organized stuff!

*I found the deal of the decade on Craigslist yesterday – new curtains from Country Curtains. I have the catalog for this store and had even earmarked these particular curtains as ones I really liked – the exact ones were for sale not far from my home. The valances sell for $69 a piece in the catalog and I bought FOUR for fifty dollars!! Woo Hoo. And she gave me four matching pillow (which I have no idea what I will do with) that sell for $29 each – which she just included with the valances:) I’m tellin’ ya – I really have to control myself with this Craigslist!:)

*spent the day with a girlfriend on Monday…and had such a great day. We did some househunting – fun – and then drove out to the country about 45 minutes from my house to visit an antique mall I stumbled across a few months back. And, yes, it was closed on Mondays. But we had a great time…chatting and laughing – and visiting the Amish bakery/country store next door to the (closed) antique shop.

*enjoyed good fellowship with several ladies from my women’s group earlier this week. With so many on vacation, I was not sure anyone would show – but nine of us met and had a nice evening together. I am very blessed to be a part of this ministry at our church and to work with such a sweet group of ladies.

*so thankful for air conditioning. Like so many things, I often take this for granted. Many do not have central air – oh my. I am so grateful for this comfortable home. It is supposed to 100plus again this weekend. And humid.

*only 8 more days until Jordan comes home!! Really?? As in one week!! It has over a year since I have seen that boy – and I am beyond excited to think I will see him next week! I love that boy… well as, his sisters:), my sweet Hubbie (how does he put up with me?), and of course Miss Riley – she just makes me smile!

5 thoughts on “Thankful Today….

  1. Oh Jennifer not sure where to start…first, how exciting on the curtains! Don't ya just love things like that? What a bargain. Put a pic of them up when you get them hung, I'd love to see them. I was soo pleased that I was able to use my livingroom/dining room curtains AND my family room as well. I did get new kitchen curtains (on a clearance rack at Penny's) and new bedroom ones (on sale). Now I just have another bedroom, the laundry room, and one bathroom. Really not bad. Craigs list is a wonderful idea ~ I am going to start checking. Then, I am soo excited for you that Jordon will be home soon. How happy you must be…I can only imagine. And that Riley is just sooo adorable, I'm sure she makes your heart smile so big. Oh how I'd love to sit and have coffee and chat and chat with you. If not here someday, then in heaven for sure. Have a wonderful day. HUGS, Debbie

  2. What a fantastic list. I'm rejoicing with you over so much. Bargains, organization, family….air condition!!
    I'm planning to participate in tomorrow's Friday friends…but…I'll be at the beach!!! My post is set to come up tomorrow morning, and please feel free to share. Thanks for being such a blessing!

  3. What a wonderful list. Life is sure treating you well and you have so much to be thankful for. I know you are beside yourself that Jordan is coming home in a week. Woo hoo!!!! And those curtains….what a deal. I know you are thrilled. I know so many people who have gotten amazing stuff on Craig's List. I need to check it out. Another thing to do on the computer. LOL!!! I am so happy that you are having a great week. God is good. I am like you, thank heavens for air conditioning. Love & blessings from NC!

  4. I can relate to being thankful for the AC. Ours was out last night when I returned from church. And what a difference it made when it was up and running again this morning. Good for you and those bargains! That is always great. Have a wonderful evening, we are enjoying a lkight rain right now, so thankful for that too. Jackie

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