Blessing Mix – 2018

Without a doubt, some of my richest blessings are not only the time I spend volunteering but the friends and sweet relationships I have made doing so.  My afternoons there are the highlight of my week!  Yesterday, we took an afternoon trip to the Air and Space Museum.  One of the other ladies in our group actually volunteers at the museum once a week and we got a true “insider’s tour”!  It was so interesting.

Today I will go over for just an hour or so and play some games.  I put together these blessing bags to share.  I think I have shared these before on the blog but it may have been awhile.  The recipe is super easy – all of the ingredients are listed right on the tag.  It is basically a cup of each ingredient except two cups each of the bugles and pretzels.  I usually mix everything except the kisses, divide evenly and then added 2-4 kisses on the top.  Of course, you could have as many kisses as you like:)

I doubled the recipe and made about eight gift bags.  The link for the labels can be found on my Pinterest “Thanksgiving” board.  It would also be super easy to make your own design!

I am also thankful for those who read my blog. I hope that each of you is encouraged to embrace the abundant life that God offers to each of His children.  Regardless of your season of life, live each day with purpose and for purpose – to honor Christ and point others to Him.

  Happy Thanksgiving!!

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