Definitely Not a Poet

Well…Linda at Truthful Tidbits told me about her granddaughter’s monthly poetry post….and I thought it would be a great chance to share one of my poems! I enjoy writing poetry but don’t often share it with anyone. But this one was about Tyler and I thought the timing would be great – and, then, don’t you know…the monthly poetry thing was cancelled. Not surprising.

But, I decided to share anyways. I am not a poet….but I’m always trying different ways to express my heart. (I’ve even written a few songs…but those I will definitely keep to myself!) If you’ve put your thoughts down poetry style….share it with me!

I wrote this right around Tyler’s first Heaven birthday………….

The Luckiest Woman in the World

So often I am tempted to concentrate on all that I will miss-
You getting a driver’s license & your first car
Your first girlfriend & that first kiss

Where would you go to college?
Who would you marry?
When you took a job, what title would you carry?

But then, I stop and remind myself
I am the luckiest woman in the world!
I was the first one to caress your downy red head
with my cheek,

The very first to cradle you and sing you to sleep.

It was me you called for when you skinned a knee,
when your dreams were scary or your feelings hurt –
I nursed ear infections and chicken pox
and figured out how a gameboy works!
I listened to your Barney songs,
your choir songs and
those special country music songs!
I watched you learn to ride a bike,
taught you how to bake a cake
and cheered too loudly
with each new challenge you would take.
We memorized Spelling words and memory verses
and History dates to silly chourses.
When I really stop to think about it,
I am the luckiest woman in the world
For fourteen I was your mother and
Forever, and for always, I will be
Tyler’s mom!!!

10 thoughts on “Definitely Not a Poet

  1. Yes, we are lucky and blessed to mother, whether it be for a few days, a few years, or until our children bury us. So often, I forget about the privilege I've been given to parent. I take it for granted; sitting here tonight and reading your words brings me some much needed perspective.

    You will carry your memories and your grief for a lifetime. You are Tyler's mother, and you hold the right and good grace to carry him with you wherever the journey leads.

    Thank you for sharing your heart with me tonight.


  2. seriously mom, i love you and i try to read this blog but i can't. i make it through like the first paragraph and im crying. let me know when its something about the muffins again and ill come on here and comment 🙂 you know me, i don't like things that make me think! 😉

    love you

  3. Hi Jennifer,
    That was so lovely. A very precious poem for a very precious
    son and Mom. Hope your week has
    gone okay, I know it must be hard.
    Thank you for sharing your poem with us, and I hope it helped you
    in some way. I also thought it was
    very good poetry as well, keep up the good work. We want to hear more. Have a nice evening hon,
    Blessings, Nellie

  4. I'm new to bloging and I just came across your poem. You are reason I want to blog. Your poem is written from the heart and is beautiful. Treasure memories and look forward to that final day when you will see Tyler again. And yes, you are a poet.

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