A Few Favorites From My Week

It’s Friday….thanks for stopping by as you finish the week and look towards the weekend.  How was your week?  I know several bloggers, through different link-ups (like this one that I really enjoy) and on their own, like to recap the week with a few of their favorite things on Friday.  And, today, I thought I would try to do the same.  It has been interesting as it has caused me to be a bit more attentive during the week.  I found myself several times thinking, “I should include this in Friday’s post.”  It has definitely made me take a few more pictures than the one, maybe two, I typically take each week:)

And, before I get started.  I think it is official.  Very unofficially official.  But most refer to these summer beauties as crepe myrtles.  I asked about the correct spelling last week.  The (trusty) internet says crape myrtle is the scientific spelling but southerners tend to prefer the alternate spelling of crepe myrtle.  Apparently, the blooms look like crepe paper:)  Living here in the northern part of Virginia, I’m not sure most would call us southerners (sigh!) but I’m definitely not scientific, so crepe myrtle is getting my vote!

Now on to a few of my favorite things from this week…in no particular order at all.

1 – Georgetown


Earlier this week, I mentioned that my son and I made a trip to Georgetown – a neighborhood downtown.  Trying to avoid pedestrians, traffic and other city sights, it was hard to get a pretty picture but I love the hanging baskets that line the streets.  I don’t know whose job it is to keep these baskets watered and so healthy looking, but they do a get job of it!

2 – Cute thank you from a friend

This cute thank you from my friend is written on a note card that her sister made.  She made them on Snapfish.  I think that’s brilliant!  And, yes, that is her sister’s ranch.  Lucky sister:)

3 – Pretty hanging basket

A friend (actually, I just realized, the same friend I mentioned above) gave me this hanging basket months ago for my birthday.  I can’t believe how pretty it looks this late into the summer.  I eat my breakfast on the patio every morning and these sunny yellow blooms start my day with a smile!  Ah, and those pink flowers above are the other flowers on the patio.  It isn’t big but we try to include some prettiness:)

4 – New PJs

Totally random…but they do say it is the little things in life.  I have stumbled on some pajamas that I actually like!  They not only fit me well but they are super comfortable!  So incredibly soft!  They also do not look completely crumbled in the morning nor are they too thin, so I can enjoy them in the morning as well.  And….they are not expensive.  They are from Walmart, believe it or not.  The JoySpun collection.  I was a bit surprised but, honestly, have been pleasantly pleased.

5 – Evenings on the porch


The humidity has not been horrible.  Surprising for August, but I’m okay with it.  We have been enjoying evenings after dinner on the porch.  One night this week, the sky was particularly beautiful.  One minute the sun was just peeking over puffy clouds on its way down for the day.  The next minute the entire sky was the prettiest shade of pink.  Of course, my photos do not do it justice but, trust me, it was gorgeous!  I often wish I was a real photographer:)  Here’s to a weekend full of pretty skies, pretty flowers and noticing “the little things”!!

23 thoughts on “A Few Favorites From My Week

  1. Dropping in via Susanne’s Friday link up. Those crepe myrtles are lovely and your hanging basket looks lovely. I usually forget to take any photos during the week.

    1. Wendy – so nice to meet you and so glad that you stopped by my blog today. I hope you will visit again!

  2. I just bought a pair of the Joy Spun Pajamas before I went to Texas. I love them and you are right they are so soft and comfortable. I love the pictures of the evening skies and all the beautiful flowers. I hope you have a really nice weekend.

  3. Oh I LOVE Making cards and canvas prints and photo albums via Snapfish!! thanks for reminder…I need to make some Happy Autumn cards to send to some friends who live outside of the Northeast and don’t get the brilliant foliage we do up here. Your friend’s sister has a gorgeous scene on her Thank You card!

    LOVE yellow flowers..so cheerful for summer!!

    I eat breakfast on our deck..and lunch..and dinner most evenings……I’ll bet your patio is so pretty….i love sitting outdoors.

    Yay for comfy pjs!!

    I hope you have a blessedly relaxing weekend.

    1. I really think I need to make some things on Snapfish!! And hooray for dining al fresco as often as you can!!

  4. Your photos are amazing in this post! Those yellow flowers are just gorgeous! What a great gift 🙂 Georgetown looks like a nice place to go.
    Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

  5. Hello, my friend! I so enjoyed your post today, and am so thankful for the info on the pajamas! I am always looking for comfy, washable, and quality ones! So thank you for that! Enjoy your weekend.

  6. Enjoyed your week in review- love the photos of your flowers. Pictures of sunsets rarely capture their beauty- so much of nature is like that (except flowers- those seem made not just to enjoy in person but in photos as well). I hope your weekend is going well!

  7. glad you had a good week
    the evenings and mornings for the most part are very bearable to sit out and enjoy
    your purple blooms i feel like are so unique …your flowers are so beautiful . . my yellow flowers started out so pretty but are lacking now
    you have much beauty in nature to enjoy
    i love that you found your jammies at walmart!!lol
    i found some there also the last 2 years and i love them
    they dont wrinkle either!!!!

  8. What a lovely list of favorites from your week! I love the pajamas and the beautiful flowers, both at your house and in Georgetown. I have also noticed that participating in this post makes me mindful each week to look for things that I love. I think that’s good for us, and it helps with our perspective. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Welcome to Friday’s Fave Five! Sounds like a great week. Getting personalized cards is such fun. That hanging basket is pretty. Ours seem to be winding down, but our planters are still doing well. Yay for comfy pajamas. Your evening skies are lovely.

  10. This post is fun and uplifting! Thank you always for your good words. I don’t always comment, but I do appreciate reading your thoughts. Take care of you!

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