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Happy Thursday, friends!  This post has a bad news/good news opening.  Sigh.  Bad news:  I quite possibly am getting too old for this blog/internet/technical stuff.  I love words.  I love putting words to paper.  But the “other” stuff and the back end stuff can easily suck all the enjoyment right out of it.  That Monday’s post, for example.  I had taken a bit of a break over the holidays but was determined to get back on schedule with my posting, etc.  I was actually looking forward not only to writing but to Monday’s post, in general.  I came home early from our church’s watchnight service on Sunday evening – which was, honestly, late for me.  I finished up my thoughts and scheduled everything to post nice and early on the morning of January 1st.  BUUT, I forgot to change the year…so it posted “technically” on January 1, 2023.  Grrr.  Which means not a soul saw and/or read that post.  No one.  At least, not on Monday.  I didn’t even catch my error until Tuesday and, yes, there has been a bit of traffic after I did but that is not the point.  The point – or the bad news here – is I messed it up again.  If only you knew how often I do that on the technical side of this blog hobby!?!  Like I said, it can quickly zap the fun.

I suppose the good news would be – well, no one really knows that today’s post was to be a continuation, or a Part B, of Monday’s post.  A Part B that I am postponing until next week because I want to write my Currently post for Januray.  If no one knows, then no one will be missing “the continuation” and, truthfully, I’m not sure it really much matters.  Let’s be honest.  All that rambling to say, today’s post is my first Currently link-up for this year.  (And Part B of this post can be found next week.  Just so you know.)  So, let’s get started.  Currently, I am….

loving – how fresh the house looks after putting Christmas away.  Our Christmas things are nice and we enjoy them but we never seem to mind when it is time for them to return to their bins in the basement.  Everything has been freshly dusted (which is nice) and there is a bit less of things (which is also nice).  The decor for the next couple of months is wintery and cozy.  Lots of green – which I love – and pine-coney, etc:)

A few other things I am loving:  trying to getting in my steps every day (it is a challenge but I’m enjoying it), how the birds fill every spot on the bird feeders and make the mornings so enjoyable, hot bowls of oatmeal on these cold mornings, a fresh pedicure to start the new year (I think this might be my new tradition), and a few new pair of shoes found on after-Christmas clearance!  Shoes are not easy for me to find so finding multiple pairs is actually exciting!

looking forward to – a very minimal schedule for the next few weeks.  Or longer.  I’m tyring to keep myself “under” scheduled – if that is a thing.  I am taking a break from Bible study and other weekly commitments.  I certainly do not want to “do nothing” or become a couch potato, but I want to keep my calendar open and let the Lord “plan my days” more – if that makes sense.  I am looking forward to seeing how the month plays out.

resolving – to get my steps in!  I’m trying to increase the number of steps each week….still trying to get to that magical 10,000 a day.  Also resolving to get back on track with going to bed at (roughly) the same time every night and, well, just getting back on schedule, in general.  I thrive on routine and on a schedule.  Literally, thrive.

staying cozy this month by – leaving the twinkle lights up (that were part of the holiday decor) and having them glow throughout the house each evening.  We just couldn’t bare to put them away.  And are so glad that they are still twinkling every night.  They not only make the house feel cozy…they just make us happy:)  By the way, those are not my lights in the photo above – but aren’t they pretty??  I need to do that in my office!!

cooking – all the soups!  I picked up all the ingredients for three different soups and with some snow in the forecast this weekend, I see quite a bit of  homemade soup in our future.  I’m totally okay with that – yum!  I think soups are one of my favorite foods!

Are you a soup fan?  Feel free to send all the best recipes my way….or just let me know what is your favorite food group (soup is a group, right)??!  I hope all is going well “currently” at your house.  And I hope you will stop by again soon!  For those who are new, I post every Monday and Thursday.  Well, TECHNICALLY, I post on Mondays and Thursdays.  You just never which year that might be!!  Oy vey.  The rest of this link-up can be found here.  Check it out.

19 thoughts on “Currently: January 2024

  1. I love twinkling lights! You know I keep lights on the mantle all year long, because of that love. They make me so happy! I also love soup and made two in the last week- taco soup and white chicken chili. Both were delicious! I may do chicken tortilla again next week, since one of my sons mentioned it recently. I’m so glad you joined the link up today! Much love, friend.

  2. I do know what you mean about techy bloggy stuff being annoying. Blogger has, at least two times, made a post of mine that I was about ready to publish go away. Like it was there one minute and gone the next. Did I play a role in it? Possibly but I don´t know what I did. It was very frustrating. I do hope you continue to write but understand that some aspects of ¨publishing¨ written words don´t go as planned. I am under scheduled too and loving it. I have not worked since mid December- am trying to make the most of my days at home. I do have to venture out today but it´s in order to obtain food for dinner… a worthwhile reason to leave my cozy home ;). Good luck with the steps. Winter makes it tricky but the feeling of accomplishment is somewhat better when it was a bit more challenging to accomplish (the cold weather being a really good reason to stay inside and not walk, etc.).

    1. Maria…I am so glad it is not just me!?! And hooray for being under scheduled and working a bit less:) I would agree food for dinner is a worthwhile reason to venture out of the house – lol! I will probably do much the same this afternoon!! Have a great day my friend!

  3. I have issues from time to time too while using Blogger, so I get what you’re saying. I love soup a lot too. In fact, hubby are going out in a bit to run some errands and to go to Olive Garden for lunch. We both plan to have the soup and salad. I love their soups so much. I love twinkle lights too. I hope you have a great day!

  4. I used to blog on a site called Xanga before it shut down. I loved it there better because you can blog like on here but there was so much interaction with others who were also blogging on Xanga. I like Blogger but it’s a different feel and I don’t get a lot of traffic. But I hope you don’t decide to call it quits. I love your blog.

    1. Aw, Dawn – thank you! Your comment made my day…and I, too, am glad that we connected here on the blogs. Thanks for visiting and I hope we can continue to do so in the new year~

  5. Happy Thursday, dear Jennifer! If you only knew how I struggle some days to get the techy side of blogging under control, you would feel so much better! I love your sense of humor in reference to you posting on Mondays and Thursdays…just never know which year. I have some things I would like to do on my blog, but I am technicially challenged to figure out to do them.

    Getting my steps in is a goal (and challenge) for me, as well. Right now, I am far from the 10,000 steps a day, but then I am just doing things around the house. I need to actually do some walking routine to increase. I normally average around 3,000.

    We love soups too…especially this time of year!

  6. OH I hate when I make those technical errors too (like when I want to save but accidently post it 1/2 finished!). I do enjoy soup and we’re supposed to get quite a bit of snow this weekend. It seems like winter is hitting with a vengeance after today. With some sort of snow every few days for the next 10 days.

  7. Oh that feeling when you realise the year has changed! Snowy days and soup making go together don’t they? I blitzed all the left over roasted veg from Boxing Day this week into a fab soup. No recipe to share, but I think the fact that the veg had all been roasted made the difference in taste. Almost worth deliberately cooking too much roasted veg just so you can do the soup the next day!
    Enjoy a slower pace of day, you can be sure that you will fill the hours productively even if you just go with the flow. We can sometimes try to do too much in our days!

  8. I know what you mean about getting bogged down with the tech side of blogging and it can be quite discouraging. I try to write for my own enjoyment, my own outlet, and if others read and respond that’s a bonus. But it’s still frustrating when I put time into something and then somehow get it messed up by the wonders of technology! I think it’s a great idea to leave twinkle lights up year round, or at least through the winter. I leave my Christmas decorations up until Epiphany because I like that cozy/festive feeling too much to take it apart any earlier! Have a cozy and happy January!

  9. Yes, the technical side of blogging is SUCH a pain. Grrrrr. I highly affirm leaving the twinkle lights up longer. I loved having mine year round last year, even if I didn’t turn them on as much in summer. And I would LOVE a soup food group. I love soup!!!

  10. I’ve been ill with a virus then sinus infection so I cannot wait to get back to my exercise routine which has been on hiatus. Technical sides of blogging are challenging but so worth it in my opinion.

  11. I hated to take my tree down but…it was time. I never thought about getting twinkly lights and putting them up! Good idea!
    Love the Ham and Potato chowder I made last week…tooooo good!

  12. I’m so very happy I found your blog again! I took sort o a hiatus from blogging and changed a few things and lost a lot of the followers and followings I had, but I’m glad to have found you again! I love your photos!! I also am surprised at the people mentioning that they love their house with Christmas decorations taken down, I really thought I was the only one ! I’m loving the clear space, and its motivating for me to declutter even more now!
    I also love your plans, for leaving space for God to plan your days. That hit me deep! I get that on so many levels! I also really admire your 10,000 step goal! Wow! I know how hard that is! I’m rooting for you!
    Have a happy January, and I’m excited to follow again in my new space 🙂

  13. Hi Jennifer~ I know exactly what you mean about the “blogging” . I used to post something twice a week at the least. Now, I might only post once a month! I’m trying to be better at it, mostly because this is my journal as well, but it is hard. I love your posts, they always make me smile! I love soup!! In fact, we had soup tonight, my, All American Hamburger Soup, it was delicious!! We had lunch at my daughters this afternoon, and she had Clam Chowder! So yes, we love soup!! Hang in there! Hugs, Barb

  14. I read your “bad news” and smiled–your honest words strengthen community with every writer, including me! Yes, we love to write, but oh my, the technological work can be a challenge.
    Bless you in this new year! I look forward to reading more of your posts, whenever they appear.

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