Currently: September 2021

And, just like that, we are looking at September!  Very easily, my favorite month.  We chose to get married in September.  Even had two of our children in September.  I would have had all three in this favorite month of mine, but, oh my, that would have been hectic (and expensive), and, let’s be honest, I really had nothing to do with either of them arriving in September!!  My son was due in October and my daughter in November!  Clearly, I was not setting the schedule:)  As it was, two kiddos with very close birthdays was a whole lot of cake, cupcakes, and sugary icing in one month!  I always made cupcakes to take to school – I remember that was such a big deal!! – and we would have more cupcakes if there was a party and (this I brought on myself) I would have to make at least a small cake for dessert on the actual birthday date.  Why?  I don’t know but, even if a party was planned (for the weekend, etc.), I had to do something on the actual day as well!  I’m still like that.  So, September has never been a successful diet month for me:)

Despite the sugar – or maybe because of the sugar! – September is just lovely.  Anne Shirley has always delighted to live in a world that has Octobers.  I beg to differ:)  But enough about this new month ahead.  Time for a new  “currently” post what I am beginning, ending, loving, picking, and posting.  Of course, it is part of Anne’s monthly link-up.  Read all the others here and then let me know what you have been up to currently!  I would love to know.  Let’s get started…..

Currently, I am:

BEGINNING – to warily explore the idea of social media in order to expand my blog.  I know this sounds elementary and much like a no-brainer to most but when it comes to social media, I’m really not a fan.  A resistor in every sense of the word; however, after much persuasion, I have been trying to test the waters.  I have not felt this dumb – or old!! – in a long time.  There have been several times I have wanted to join a Bible study, a book review or other opportunity but had to decline because I did not have FB.  As well, I would like to grow my blog audience.  So, for now, I have an account.  We will see how long it lasts.  I really would like to know if you have found FB helpful with your blog – or is it just one more thing to manage?

ENDING – my self-imposed moratorium on social media!:)

LOVING – the idea of a fresh month.  A fresh season and the feeling of a new beginning.  So much of life right now – globally, socially, and personally – is heavy, heartbreaking and overwhelming.  A new season, even with its shorter days and darker mornings, is a refresher to body, mind and spirit.  I am so grateful for God’s mercies that are new, and fresh, every morning.  But often I need a reminder.  The seasons, and all of nature, are some of God’s best reminders.  The pumpkin madness.  Yeah, it can get a bit crazy.  And, truthfully, I don’t really understand the PSL obsession.  But, bring it on.  Time for a new season.  Some reviving of soul and spirit.  Yes, and of the body as well.  Time to get back outside – which will be lovely.  Which brings me to “picking”…

PICKING – apples.  Ok, not quite yet.  But, it will be time soon.  Another September perk:)  I was checking on a few of my favorite orchards last night and everything seems to be “back to business” and open.  Even for groups.  I love to get friends together and spend a few hours in the mountains – picking apples and enjoying fresh apple donuts with a picnic lunch.  I will also need to “pick” up some pansies for our porch soon.  The summer pots are going to be emptied tomorrow but I don’t like the porch bare for long.  Our summer flowers did really well this year.  The weather has been sunny and not terribly oppressive – until about two weeks ago.  Just like that…everything is wilted and done.  I do love geraniums but, I’m ready for the cute pansies to return!

POSTING –  Will I ever actually get a legitimate FB post completed?  That is the question……

And that is it.  Another look at my life “currently”!  What are you most looking forward to in this new month – this new season – that is before us?

18 thoughts on “Currently: September 2021

  1. Glad to be reminded of the Currently post. Have stepped away from blogging for a week or so, had forgotten all about Currently.
    I have such mixed emotions about social media. Really don’t like it but in some ways it is beneficial or helpful. Have almost completely given up on Facebook. And use Instagram more but they are such time sucks. I feel obligated to respond to posts but that takes so much time, as does blog reading. But you know all of that already.
    The crises in Afghanistan and the worries around Covid have me wanting to hide in bed.

    Hopeful for this new month. The arrival of fall.

    1. Hopefully, this new month ahead will have you crawling out from under the covers – and finding joy…and some comfort…even in the little things! We need to look for joy anywhere and everywhere!! Glad you stopped by today, Leslie!!

  2. Social media…it’s a love/hate relationship for me too. I have a fb account for my blog, but I don’t know that it’s really worth the time. However, I don’t spend much time on that account, so I guess it’s okay. lol. But I do use FB almost daily for specific groups (memorization; one word; etc) and for keeping up with family. I love it for that.

    A fresh month is always exciting. Our anniversary is September 4…but it’s also opening day of Dove Season this year, so I defer to that for the actual day this year. ha. We have a beach trip planned later in September so I’m fine with a celebration delay.

    1. A beach trip for your anniversary sounds wonderful! Hope it all goes off without any hiccups! Only a few more days until the 4th….hope you have a lovely day:)

  3. I love the fresh start of a new month/new season! Especially when that season is fall! I don’t understand the PSL obsession either, but PSL coming back means that everything salted caramel comes back & that’s the train I’m on haha. I’ve pretty much had a blog & some form of social media for the last 10-15 years. Starting now-ish will be the first time that I try to combine the two in order to help them grow. However, I plan on using Instagram more than Facebook for blog purposes.

    1. Thanks for the feedback – very much appreciated. IG seems to be more of a draw for many (if not most)! Hmmm –

  4. I actually have pretty much done away with all social media; except perhaps Pinterest as I like browsing menu ideas and things. I didn’t find the draw to my blog was much better than what I was already getting and it felt like just one more thing to manage and “do.” Best of luck to you on that! I can’t wait to go apple picking (though we have been to the orchard a few times in the past week we haven’t actually picked anything yet; just bought things).

    1. I wish I lived close enough to the orchards to go by and buy….instead of waiting for a day trip of picking and buying! That would be wonderful! Thanks for your feedback regarding social media. Right now, I’m really not feeling it. I do like Pinterest, though!:)

  5. September is one of my favourite months too. Happy anniversary and happy birthday to two of your kids! I’ve also got September and October babies.

    That’s great you’re branching out into social media for the blog. Facebook isn’t my favourite but I love Instagram!

  6. In regards to a facebook page, it really isn’t too helpful. I’ve heard that facebook groups are what gets more traction. I don’t get much traffic from facebook. Pinterest is better and instagram. Facebook is good for finding groups to help learn more about blogging though-if you have the time! Have a wonderful September!

  7. I love a new month too! And September is DREAMY. I think I love October even more. With my blog the two things that have helped me “grow” an audience are Pinterest and linkup parties. I’ll be interested to hear of what people say about this when I read the comments. I wish we lived close to each other so we could sit and chat over yummy hot beverages. I’ll go check out your FB page!

  8. I consciously decided to never have Facebook for my blog. If you do not love the platform all your time and investment will not pan out. I’d say find aplatform that is working for you and then concentrate trade on that one social media account everything els eis just too much. Good luck with your endeavor.

    1. Such helpful advice…I really appreciate your taking the time to comment! It has been very helpful even as I continue working through my thoughts and plans for my blog!

  9. I don’t understand the PSL obsession either but everyone seems to be all about it! And I’ve never thought of pansies as a fall flower — they always say spring to me!

    1. If I plant the pansies now…they will last all winter (perhaps not at their best) but will bloom and be beautiful again in the spring! Win. Win!! (Now I just need to get some in the pots!!)

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