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Hello friends!  Welcome to Friday…and, even more, welcome back to my blog!  I must confess, right from the beginning, that I have been sitting at my desk, in front of this computer screen, for far longer than I imagined as I considered, “Where in the world do I begin?”  Not simply where do I begin in an attempt to “catch up” (at least a little bit) but, even more, where do I begin a blog post in general??  I honestly feel as if I have forgotten how to write, how to formulate thoughts into coherent sentences (not that I ever was terrific with that skill), or simply how to blog in general.  I hope you will be patient with me because I have missed not only blogging but also my blogging friends and this community.  And I am ready to jump back in…..or, perhaps wade back in gently by way of the shallow end:)

Without a clear answer to my own question of where to begin, I thought a “Currently” post might be a good jumping off point.  Please pardon all the pool puns.  It will just be a beginning but, hopefully, over the next few posts, I can truly get caught up.  I look forward to visiting all your blogs and hope that you will leave a quick comment – just to say hello!  So, let’s get started (dare I say, dive right in) with July’s Currently thoughts….

I am currently:

LOVING – summer!  Summer is my favorite month.  At least, right now it is.  Often, the season that I am in tends to be my favorite – except for winter.  I have no use for winter.  Summer, on the other hand, just makes me happy.  Yes, it is hot as an oven outside and the humidity has definitely settled right in but neither of those things really bother me.  (Of course, I do not work outside, etc.)  But I just equate summer with good things (like good food!), happy thoughts, lots of sunshine, ice cream, ice tea, and a carefree attitude that just feels…well, good!  I hear a lot of people complain about summer but, not this girl.  I am lovin life right about now:)

SAVORING – all this baby cuteness!  This cutie was born (almost) two weeks ago.  His momma was a good and sweet friend of our Tyler and now he has been named Tyler.  Yes, my heart is bursting:)  He lives in NC but I am hoping to meet him in just a couple of weeks….and savor even more of all that newborn goodness!

CELEBRATING – the end of chemotherapy!  As many of you know, I took a blogging break primarily for health reasons.  I was in the middle of treatments which were not only draining me physically but also zapping all my mental energy and motivation to simply sit at this computer.  A blog break was needed; however I finished that part of my treatment six weeks ago and, yes, I am still celebrating.  Each week seems to bring a new return to what I am used to doing and enjoying.  Every day there is a new reason to celebrate:)  I do have more treatments and continued infusions – but no.more.chemo!  Feel free to celebrate with me.  Do a happy dance!!

REMEMBERING – how this year began (not well!) and how far the Lord has brought me.  I hope to blog more about that journey in the days ahead but I am thankful to have the first half of this year behind me and oh so grateful to be where I am today!  God is so very good!

TRYING – to lose weight!  Grr.  Not the most exciting (or encouraging) way to end a Currently post but it is, indeed, what seems to “consume” me lately.  With my chemo treatments came steroids.  Grr again.  And I quickly regained all the weight that took me nine months to lose last year while I was doing keto.  Almost twenty pounds.  UGH (I dare not say grr yet again!)  I have never been a fan of exercising but, honestly, I am so glad – and beyond grateful – to actually feel like exercising and that I have the health to do so…..well, I have stopped complaining.  I do not think I will return to keto but I am back on track eating well (hooray for summer’s bounty at the farm market!) and the scale is slowly budging.

Well, that is just about all I think I can accomplish with this blog post.  If blogging is like riding a bike, I think I remember what I’m doing…but I’m definitely feeling wobbly.  Wishing I still had those training wheels.  I plan to be back to my regular posting schedule of Monday, Wednesday and Fridays starting next week.  I hope that you will come back often.  Have a wonderful weekend. And, just so I don’t end on a “diet” note….here’s one more photo of precious baby Tyler!!

Welcome to the world sweet Tyler Preston!!

27 thoughts on “Hello again!

  1. Oh my goodness, was it ever good to see that you had updated your blog! It is so good to hear from you once again, and I feel like I have a lot of catching up to do! I knew you had the surgery, but I missed that you needed chemo…I am sorry that I missed that. I missed a lot too, because I quit reading blogs while I worked full time, so I never could seem to catch up. I’m glad to read that you are finished with treatment and that you’re slowly and surely regaining some of your life. Praise God for that!

    Baby Tyler is PRECIOUS! I look forward to reading more as the days come, my friend.

    1. So…you understand how far you can get behind?! Don’t know that I will actually ever catch up but it is nice to be back to blogging!! Yes, Baby Tyler is a heartthrob!!:) So glad you stopped by!

    2. Hi Jennifer~ So good to see you! It looks like we both took a blogging break… mine was a long one as well. I’m so glad that you are feeling better, chemo and really zap you of energy and stamina, I’m so glad it’s behind you! What a darling little baby, he looks like he is just waiting to be spoiled by you ;0) I have been on my own health journey since January. I know how difficult it is to lose weight, but you did it once and you can do it again, you are a strong determined woman. I love summer too! Summer started off really cold, in fact I didn’t think we would ever get above 60 degrees. But, it’s turned into a beautiful, warm summer and I’m not looking forward to it ending. My husband went to Alaska with a dear friend and his sons… so I stayed home ;0) It’s cold there, so I’m glad I’m not there! See you soon! Hugs, Barb

      1. You are right….Alaska, even at its best, is too cold for this summer loving girl! I hope he has a great time, though. Enjoy your time to yourself:)

  2. So glad to see you have written and plan to write again!! I love your pool puns and everything in your post. Well, except for hearing about chemo. I’m glad that it’s done but I hate that you had to have it. Hopefully writing about it (if you choose to) will help you process some of what you went through. I know that you were in so many prayers (including mine). I’m glad that you feel like exercising. I think it’s good for the body and soul ;). Looking forward to reading more from you!!

  3. I am not sure if you shared that you were undergoing chemo or I intuited it from other things you said, but I am so glad for now your treatments are finished. So glad your body can have a break. We are waiting to hear if PC will need chemo or radiation or some kind of hormone therapy. His next appointment is the 28th. This waiting is so nerve racking.

    Congratulations on the birth of your son’s namesake. Hope you will be visiting soon and will share all the pictures of that darling baby.

    My weight in numbers bounces around over a 5-pound range. I can lose weight when I track WW points and have more or less returned to doing that with some consistency. But my body is just different. I look thicker. May I borrow one of your grrrrs. Most of June I did a bunch of nervous eating and no nervous exercising. Hope you and I both can get back on track. I am happier when my clothes are more comfortable…that is my goal.

    Glad to see you back again. Everymonth I think that I am done blogging and then I’m not. Someday.

  4. Yay, yay, yay for no more chemo! It’s great to see you back to blogging. Tyler is just adorable! Wishing you well on your weight loss journey, I am sure it is so frustrating to you but that definitely sounds like it was completely out of your control.

  5. YAY! Welcome back!! Praising God with you for no more chemo! And, continued prayers for continued healing. I have been stress eating over the last year and it’s caught up to me to the tune of 20 pounds. I keep trying to start exercising better/regularly, but things keep changing and it’s been so hard to get into a routine. Plus, at times a serious lack of motivation. I hope that you are able to get the scale on the downward slope and I look forward to hearing more from you soon!

  6. So very happy to see you back here again. Like the others, I am not sure I realized you were undergoing chemo, but I know you are happy to be done with it, and we rejoice with you. Take your time getting back in the swing of things here…we are a pretty patient bunch…life just kinds of flows along and some of us take little breaks here and there and then jump back in and keep flowing along…It’s always wonderful to see people come back after being away. I have missed you. How wonderful to have that sweet little baby namesake for your Tyler. that is really really sweet, and I do hope you get to see him and hold him very soon! How sweet of them to name him Tyler for your son. That is really special. Praying for your complete healing and recovery. One day at a time…let God guide you as you move forward. This was a good start!! have a blessed and wonderful week.

    1. Yes, I now have travel plans purchased and ready….should be holding that baby Tyler soon!!:) So glad you stopped by – always blessed when you do!

  7. OH I didn’t know you were being treated for cancer. It sounds like you are in a good place though. Praise God for His goodness and healing. I can relate to daily tiredness and pain: i have had what typically feels like a migrane (minus all the other symptoms) or a bad sinus headache since March 2022. Long story short: they appear to be cervicogenic ones that are coming from my neck/spine. I’m so ove them. Funny thing is…..I went away with hubby for 5 days in Vermont and NO neck pain NO headache NO backache. at all!! Now that we’ve been home since July 1st, it’s all back. UGH. If meds worked I’d be fine but ….they don’t work. Chiropractic treatment sort of relieves it. sorta. Anyways, I will pray for you and I’d appreciate prayers for me.

    The newborn is sweet!! a relative??

    You asked about vegan fish. No I don’t make it. I buy it from Gardein (name brand) at my local grocery store or sometimes Target! It’s like the kind of fish you get with “Fish and chips” on Cape Cod.

    Glad you are back to blogging. Have a good week

    1. Ah, I think I have actually had those “fish filets”! I have tried most of the Gardein products…and they are tasty:)k I really hope you can get some relief from you pain. Daily pain is something I don’t think I would handle well. Thanks for stopping by!!

  8. Dear Jennifer, welcome back! I was just thinking about you this week and hoping all was well. Thank you for sharing the joys as well as the hard stuff. Come back at your own pace, in your own time, with your own style. And may you find blogging to be a healing rhythm in your life.

    Bless you!

  9. Jennifer, Welcome back! I’m so glad your chemo is done! I had no idea you were having treatments, but I do remember that you were having health concerns. I’m so glad you’re well and on the way to doing all the normal things again! Now I’m on to read your latest post, so I can be all caught up!

  10. Oh how lovely to see you back blogging again! I had guessed that maybe you were undergoing chemo and I’m pleased that you have finished with that treatment now.
    Please don’t mention weight – I think I have returned from Sicily 50% gelato and 50% cannoli 😉 I need to get back to normal eating habits – but not today as I am having lunch with friends later! Tomorrow maybe …

    1. Deb, so glad you stopped by…and welcome back from vacation! Gelato and cannoli – not a bad place to be….lol!! I look forward to hearing more about your trip!

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