Share Four Somethings: April 2024

Welcome to Thursday and this month’s installment of Share Four Somethings – woo hoo!  Hard to believe that another month is just about in the history books, but it has been a (fairly/for the most part) good month.  Certainly there has been much to celebrate and plenty of good weather to make your heart happy…so April is still in the running for favorite month of the year (in stiff competition with September)!  As always, you can find the entire link-up at Jennifer’s blog starting on Saturday.  I’ll link it here later.  But, for now, let’s get started.  This past month, I have:

loved – all the things about spring.  Ok, maybe not the pollen.  I just finished dusting and, my goodness, that stuff can get thick.  I know, I know.  I really should keep the house closed up but I just have never been able to do that.  I love (as in LOVE) the house open and so I do all the extra dusting, vacuuming and whatever else necessary to get rid of the pretty yellow stuff:)  Pollen aside, everything else spring makes such a difference in the way I feel.  Physically, mentally and emotionally.  All of it.  Hubbie and I have been enjoying all the extra things we can do outside.  He is not quite as tolerant of the heat as I am but walks around the park, fancy lattes outside at our favorite cafe and getting lost at the garden center keep us entertained in the spring.

A few other things I have beein loving this month:  celebrating Jordan’s birthday; the reopening of all the local soft-serve ice cream spots; introducing J’s girlfriend to Old Towne Alexandria (one of our favorite places); visits to Trader Joe’s (have your tried any of their Ube products?  Do you even know what an ube is??) and tax refunds:)

tried to improve – my escape room skills.  If you have never been to an escape room, the room is filled with puzzles/challenges that you solve in order to complete – or escape – the room.  We went to one on Monday and had a great time.  I wish I could say that my skills actually improved and/or were a significant help in escaping the room but that is not the case.  It is definitely a team effort and I’m a team player but, let’s be honest, if it were (primarily) up to me, we would be doomed.  That said, we did escape – with three minutes to spare.  And we did have a lot of fun.  This was Victoria’s first escape room and she was awesome.  I have a theory.  Left-handed folks are naturals for these type of challenges.  That whole right brain/left brain thing:)

accomplished – just a few things this month.  (I think I need to get busy for May…)  Off the to-do list:  power washed the porch furniture, planted some flowers for the porch, wiped down the porch furniture again, organized the garage, (actually) read each evening before bed and even finished a couple books (who am I?), and earned my Italy badge.  LOL…did you see that in my last post??  It doesn’t sound or even feel like much but, nevertheless, it has been a productive month.  And, now, it is time to wash the porch and porch furniture again.  Pollen.

noticed – there are some perks to this whole short, curly hair thing.  Just in case you thought all I did was complain about the current state of my hair, I have been not only noticing but also rather enjoying the “up side” to a head full of curls.  Wind blowing like crazy?  Not a problem.  Need to be ready in under ten minutes?  Again, not a problem.  Just scrunch and go.  Humidity inching up? These curls are not bothered.  I have no idea if they are going to last but, for now,  I’m just gonna go with these curls!!:)

I hope you have had a good month as well.  What was one highlight of April for you?  I hope you will share in the comments.  Speaking of comments, I mentioned on Monday that I had missed several comments.  Well, I had no idea just how many – which I found, quite by accident, in my spam folder.  Why the powers to be decided all WP comments were now spam, I have no idea.  Hopefully, I have fixed that.  I do enjoying reading everyone’s comments!  And – just so you know:  an ube is a purple yam.  Apparently, they are “all the rage” in desserts and other food items right now.  Now you know!!

19 thoughts on “Share Four Somethings: April 2024

  1. I enjoyed your post this morning. I did not know what a ube was, but that’s interesting…a purple yam. I’ve never done an escape room, but I think I would like to someday. Yes, there are some interesting things to enjoy when losing one’s hair. Mine came back about the same as it always was (maybe a little darker). I’ll be writing my Share 4 for Saturday. I hope you have a wonderful rest of your week.

  2. Enjoyed reading about your month! It sounds like a good one with the birthday celebration and spending time with family and your son´s GF. I know I could look this up but is an ube also referred to as a Japanese sweet potato? One of my daughters loves those if that is the case. I can see the advantages of having curly hair. What a huge change that must be, though, for you (assuming your hair was straight before). I could not imagine my hair texture changing that dramatically. But, I know after what you went through medically, a change in your hair is not a REAL issue, just something to adjust to and learn about. In spite of challenging April, there were lots of bright spots. I may join in the link up on Saturday!

  3. First thing, update your photo!! I need to see the curls. I think curls are much more interesting. And I am sure you wear them well. I had very thick, wavy/curly hair as a teen/young woman and then bam…after baby #2 it all changed. I know medical issues and treatments can drastically alter hair. So glad you are learning to embrace your new ‘do.

    Tax refund??? Do you make small personal loans?? We haven’t had a refund in…a very long time. Good for you guys.

    Is your husband retired? PC retires in July. I am looking forward to having time for all the things – walks, sitting on patio, swimming, overnight getaways that don’t have to be taken on weekends. But I know he is going to be bored stiff, too. And we cannot afford to go and buy and buy and go all the time. His only hobby is baseball. Trying to encourage him to branch out a bit.

    Glad to hear you are doing so well. Big love, my friend. Now go change that picture!!

    1. Well….I did try to get a “good” picture. But, it didn’t happen. I will keep trying, though, just because you asked so nicely. When I look at my picture on the blog now, I am struck by how different I look. Or, at least, how different my hair looks!?!

  4. I loved reading this! I do not know what an Ube is, so I’ll have to look it up now. Aren’t curls great for being more low maintenance? I tell people all the time that the one thing I love about my hair is that it’s easy. I can’t wait to learn more about what yours does, but I’d guess they may be here to stay. Yay for birthday celebrations and celebrating beautiful spring weather. We need to open our windows! I always forget to do this. Thanks for linking up and sharing, sweet friend. Much love!

    1. Yes, curly hair is easy. And I so hope mine will grow out and be as pretty as yours!!:) So glad you stopped by, my friend!!

  5. Fun post! I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed a purple yam! Never see them for sale here in Central Texas.
    Yes…a photo of your curls would be fun but not absolutely necessary if you’d rather not.
    Happy Weekend!

  6. My email does that with blogger comments every now and then too and I can not understand how it suddenly just thinks they are spam one day! It sounds like you have had a lovely April. We did an escape room one time and it was a lot of fun! I sometimes miss my super curly (permed) hair because it was what many have dubbed “wash and go!” But I really do hate getting perms each year and so I’m trying to embrace my slightly wavy hair instead and find some new ways to style it.

  7. I never have the windows open because my allergies are insane without adding the outside pollens inside, LOL! Glad to hear you are doing well. It is annoying what word press decides is spam-it has sent my own comment from my blog to spam, it makes no sense. I am off to catch up on some of your other posts…because I missed you have curly hair, LOL!

    1. Hi Cindy – so good to see you and to read your comments! Glad you have a few moments to catch up. I look forward to when you are able to post again. Hope you are doing well and life is good of late!! Blessings to you, my friend!

  8. I have a good feeling I would be great at an escape room since I love to solve puzzles!! Spring is a nice season unless it acts like mid summer, then I am not a fan. Today will be in the 80s!!! yikes!

  9. That’s such a pretty nest! Isn’t it amazing that it will soon be May? I love Old Towne Alexandria but I haven’t been there in years. Never heard of Ube Products and yet we go to Trader Joe’s all the time. However, I just read on and there you are explaining it. I do love sweet potatoes so a purple yam should be nice too. We have to power wash the side of the house but have no outside furniture to worry about. Purchasing some is this summer’s job. Your new hair-do sounds so nice! I am getting blogging friends in my spam folder every day. I hope they get that fixed soon. Wishing you a wonderful May Jennifer and thanks for this lovely read.

    1. I’m with you – I hope the spam issue will resolve soon. Ah, and we need to powerwash the side of our house. We always seem to overlook the one side. Thanks for the good reminder, Denise!:)

  10. I’ve never heard of ube. What is it? Sounds like you had a great month. Naturally curly short haired friend here and you are absolutely right on the “perks”. Lol. Just fluff and go. Lol.
    Visiting today from Share 4 Somethings.

    1. The ube is like a purple yam…was new to me, but tasty!:) And, yes Paula, hooray for fluff and go!:)

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