The Week Before Valentine’s Day:)

My Simple Woman’s Daybook: Feb. 7, 2011

Outside my window…it is a gorgeous day! Sunny – and almost all the snow is melted. I was out earlier this morning – taking Mr. Rascal to the groomer:) – and the morning felt wonderful!

I am thinking…that Valentine’s Day is almost here. I heard it again yesterday….the naysayer’s comments about how Valentine’s Day is just a commercialized excuse to spend money…blah, blah, blah. I feel sorry for those party-poopers! I think its cute and fun and just another way to tell my family that I love them. I especially enjoyed the day when the kiddos were little – but even now, we try to have a good time with the day!

I am thankful….for my family – and for so many fun memories I have from the years of raising our children. It always is interesting to me that the simpliest things – like pink milk for breakfast on Valentine’s Day – are the things my children seem to remember best!

I am wearing….pink!! Settin’ the mood, already:)

I am remembering….my rather long to-do list for today – and for the week – and hoping I can get it all done. For the most part, is all fun stuff…so I’m looking forward to it!

I am going…to a ladies’ meeting tonight. It is Mexican night – yum – and I just made a crock pot of taco soup. But I’m really looking forward to the enchiladas and the tres leche cake!! Oh yeah.

I am reading….cook books. Don’t know why exactly but I have had the best time this week reading through some of my cook books that I have not pulled off the shelf in quite awhile.

I am hoping…several new ladies can make it to our fellowship tonight. It is so nice to have a chance to meet some of the newer ladies at church in a smaller setting – a get to know them better.

On my mind….Valentine’s Day, of course. Did I mention that I am having a party on Monday?? A Valentine’s party for big girls:) I am excited about it – but, first there is the getting ready for it. And that explains the to-do list.

From the kitchen…taco soup. It is a new recipe from one of those aforementioned cookbooks – so I will wait to share the recipe if it is a keeper:)

Around the house….I am tired of boots and winter weather gear! I so would love to put these things away but I don’t think it will be too soon.

Plans for the week… appointment, hair appointment and hopefully a nail appointment – oh my – I hope I am not becoming high maintenance! There are also two Bible studies and some baking to be done:)

One of my favorite things….dark chocolate!!

5 thoughts on “The Week Before Valentine’s Day:)

  1. Oh how I relate to you…first, I totally agree about the party poopers and Valentine's day…It is a FUN day and I am on board!! plus now it is my little Tella's birthday…And I love remembering those years of raising kids, and it's funny, it IS the little things mine remember too. Totally did the pink milk thing, haha…and big heart sugar cookies, yum. A "BIG GIRLS" party sounds soo fun. I wanta come….and I too have a hair and nail appointment this week…there is NO DOUBT, I AM high maintence anymore, haha. ENJOY your day my kindred spirit!! HUGS

  2. I wish I could like dark chocolate…I know it is good for you…all those antioxidants!! But it is just too strong for me. Give me my milk chocolate and I am happy!Hope you have a blessed week!

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